Hair Transplant Center

The hair transplant center consists mainly of a special protein known as keratin and lipids from the sebaceous glands that protect the hair. There are a total of about 100,000 hair tresses, with an average of 200 to 300 hair tresses per cm². We lose 50 to 100 wire hair spontaneously per day.

Before you have your hair done, you need to determine the reasons for hair loss. If you can determine the cause of hair loss as a result, if you can find a solution, hair loss does not stop hair growth. Hair loss is a problem that often affects men, and in women, hair loss is often seen as a problem. We can recommend the oldest companies in industry such as Eurozen, Este which we can recommend to you between hair transplantation centers in istanbul. istanbul hair transplant centers are the clinics that perform the most and most successful hair transplant operations in the world. If you think about hair transplantation, you should definitely try the companies in Istanbul and even if you can.

Hair Transplant Clinic

Sometimes, private hair transplant clinics usually open clinics in their hospitals in cooperation with hospitals. There are no hospitals that do not make any illusion hair. There are companies that make hairplants in the hospital. The people who perform this procedure are the aesthetic surgeons. You should never forget that the hair follicle is a surgical intervention. You may have to lose your health in operations performed under six levels of marbles. Successful results can be obtained by experienced surgeons who specialize in hair transplantation. Hair transplantation according to the laws must be performed by operating surgeons and operating theater. We recommend that you choose a hair transplant center that will provide these opportunities. You should accept the patients of the hair transplantation center as your reference. Patient satisfaction is very important in hair transplantation.



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