Hair Transplant Methods In Men

What Does “Hair Transplant” Mean In Men

One of the biggest problems seen in 70% to 80% of men is hair loss and baldness. Although this problem is usually genetic, environmental problems and stress can cause spill problems. For many other reasons, spills particularly affect the person’s psychology as well as his social life because it affects his external visibility.

One of the most important elements of your vision is your hair, when you enter a mood, that’s what you pay attention to immediately. For this reason, men who want to get rid of spill problems want to apply one of the methods of hair transplantation. These methods, little developed in the past, have been better adapted to the progress of technology. These methods provide permanent solutions to spill problems.

There are two types of techniques in hair transplantation methods. The procedure to be performed depends on the type of expectoration observed in the patient, the intensity of the roots found in the patient and the amount of sputum. These methods and how they are done is explained below.

Hair Implant Methods In Men

The problem of hair loss observed in men in general is solved by the improvement of FUE and FUT techniques. The two methods are basically the same and their functions are the same. The only difference is that the techniques applied in the sowing method are different. Before the two methods are used, a general screening of the patient is carried out and it is decided in which region the root will be taken. It is determined by this scan how many of these roots will be added to which region. The FUE method takes hair from the back of the patient’s neck by taking the roots one by one and the seedling will be planted one by one. No cuts or stitches are made during this method. Because of this, there is no trace.

In the Fut technique, the roots are taken from one part of the ear to the other and the stitches are discarded afterwards. For this reason, although there are very few traces, they are absolutely not visible from the outside. Hair transplant performed by either method gives positive results and is preferred by everyone.

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