Hair Transplant Treatment Cost

If you are looking for cheap hair transplant, let me first explain to you how this price is determined. There is a price of hair transplantation in the plastic surgery sector as well as a service in every sector. We are entitled to be surprised by the different prices you receive from each company. Yes, the person’s head is getting mixed up and even some patients can even give up giving hair. Let’s talk about how much the ladies have to pay first so that you do not have to pay a high price and do not get stuck and also get the appropriate feather hair.

You will be faced with different hair transplantation prices. The most important issue here is the difference in hair transplantation price between men and women. Women’s hair transplant cost may be more expensive because they prefer to not shave their hair . The name of this hair implant method is ” Dhi ”, Direct Hair Implant treatment. In this method, there will be no surgical injuries because cuts are not opened to the head at the same time. Thanks to state-of-the-art micro-tipped pens, your doctor takes the hair one by one from the area he has designated as a donor and transplants it again with special micro-tipped pens. This is why women’s hair plantation prices may be more expensive than men’s. Only the process we are talking about will require a very sensitive process. On the other hand, because your hair is not cut off, the number of sessions will increase as the doctor will have to determine the area where hair will be transplanted .

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

Women’s hair transplant prices depends on the the number of the grafts and the session needed . Depending on the woman’s case some of them needs up to three sessions to cover the less dense area . In addition, women’s private interests can also affect these prices . The cost includes the doctor and his team , most of the clinics or hospitals offers transport service hotel accommodation and post surgery medications included in the total cost .The most important issue is how many grafts you need in your hair. A woman may need minimum 500 up to 3000 graft depending on her case . Mostly women looses her due to changements in hormones or pregnancy At this point, the doctor will let the patient know the number of grafts and sessions before the surgery , one hair follicule can cost 1 Euro. Hair transplant for women can be very difficult especially if she asks for a non-shaving surgery as it takes a lot of time and efforts.


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