What Is Hair Transplant In Women?

Men and women are the most important beauty elements for hair. A male bald can be charismatic when that is not the case, while the women. For this reason, tests conducted primarily with outbound people to the doctor cause of the spill. To find the cause of the hair loss to some basic blood tests and hair analysis is performed. As a result, blood tests and the real cause of the spill and the analysis type is determined.

Causes of shedding in women in general are as follows:


Menopausal period

Hair, skin diseases

t’s not like shedding in women in General baldness, thinning is manifested as The type of woman they can be realized in a short period of the spill. However, in the case of loss realized is equal intervals, this may not be noticed. Apart from the genetic reasons is the shedding of hair that occurs in no way cannot be treated with hair transplant. Especially the male type is provided with just the exact result in the shedding of hair transplantation. Baldness is one of the biggest problems for women. So although very undeveloped in the old days women no longer hair restoration process. A local anesthetic is applied to the patient does not occur in any soreness and was successful.

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