A preference towards the right hair transplantation and clinical is the most successful results can be achieved. Today, with plenty of options when it comes to hair transplantation clinic due to the right clinic to select and correct surgical methods with little attention to avoid the problem of baldness a topic. Therefore, first of all, the source of the problem is hormone imbalance and a variety of diseases that can weaken the hair follicles can cause flaking. Besides hair before or after hair transplantation hair transplantation should be considered the right way by examining in detail the process of hair transplantation and later more monitoring in a comfortable position will help to pass.


Before you begin the process of hair transplantation clinic officials that you have selected or will make the process of hair transplantation surgeon can take the most successful result discussed many ways must be learned. Nature of painkillers or other blood thinners is acquiring the pills a week before the start of the process of hair transplantation of these pills must be cut. Baldness is available outside to care for the hair lotion and cream you are using before hair transplantation process, the use of this product, you must be taking a break.  Get away from cigarettes and coffee shop before the October operation.


Insert a design element to help experienced surgeons and experienced the clinics surgical method is obtained with the new hair follicles maintenance on a certain amount of time must be made with care. For this first stage, the specified creams and care products should be used promptly. hair transplantation in a three-week period since the Last hair spills will occur. We need to consider the most challenging sports activities of the scalp should stay away from. Environmental factors do not affect your hair you should. In line with the recommendations of your doctor should continue the healing process.

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