When it comes to seed processing, balding is thought to be performed on the balding areas of people who first come to mind. However, it is not a well-known fact that how the achievements of this in detail are at what level. When the problem of baldness is encountered then it becomes necessary to conduct research. Apart from that, it is not a matter of curiosity how the doctors do, how long they are cured or how they operate.

What to know about hair surgery; it should first be known that the roots taken for sowing are usually grafted from the roots by nape. Hair is a work done to solve the problem of baldness that men usually have problems. The investigations must be thoroughly detailed before planting. Because if the hair is not found to be laid, it should be known that the roots to be added will cause great loss over time. Direct sowing of the skin layer without the necessary tests will be a surgical procedure performed by heart.

What Are The Techniques Used For Hair Transplantation?

Today, the most commonly used sowing technique is the FUE method. With this method, the success rate of hair transplantation is high, surgical intervention is easy and the treatment is revealed in a shorter time. In addition, hair roots are taken from every desired region of the body and mounted on the scalp. The confusion arises in the form of a treatment to support the head skin with the PRP system, to make the grafts more vivid and to achieve hair growth. When the old methods of sowing are examined, it takes time to remove the skin layer from the nape region and to separate the hair roots on the skin layer one by one and to place it in line with the blood line which opens in the baldness region in the same way. However, in today’s hair surgical methods, using advanced techniques, it is revealed that it will achieve faster and more successful results. The FUT method, which left negative residuals, has now left its completely abandoned place to the FUE method.

Is Hair Surgery A Painful Method?

Hair transplantation procedure is a method which does not feel pain and suffering in terms of the techniques used in general structure. But what is important here is the experience of the surgeon who will do the planting, the experience of the workers working in this area, and the effects of the work on pain and soreness. In general, local anesthesia is applied to the region where the sowing is done, and the pain and pain are completely removed during the operation. Only after the surgery is over, a feeling of weight may appear in the area of the head of the head within a day’s time.

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