Is Hair Pouring After Hair Extraction?

Following the rooting of the roots, the most basic problem that attaches to the head of the most one is whether there will be shedding. Extremely applied information is the events that last until the last exile, which is much more applied. Other issues that are as important as making hair transplantation to specialists are regulated by experienced people who will follow the cultivation process. It is obvious that a number of sowing centers will not be able to carry out the necessary checks and maintenance after sowing and leave them ill. Although hair transplantation takes a small part of a patient’s day, the post-planting process takes a much longer time. Here are two ways to deal with the process that will continue after the planting.

Post-Slaughter Retreat

The retention phase of the roots involves a period of five and seven days. During this period, the most important condition for root keeping is to keep roots away and to keep deeply distant from roots of solid or liquid contaminants that may be environmentally affected. The patient undergoes these conditions, which will be applied after the sowing process, with great care for three days. In other words, the patient should avoid washing the hair during these three days, never touching it at all, avoid rubbing any lotion or chemical product, avoid dusty, smoky and filthy enviroment. Washing is done on the third day of October. Afterwards, washing and drying are performed at intervals of five and seven days, and the holding phase is completed.

The process in which the majority of hair after casting is spilled and reopened

The second period is the hair growth phase, which starts with the termination of the retention phase and begins with the emergence of hair, the gradual increase of density, and the increase of its thickness and density. Hair has been shed after hair transplantation? The main hair is not affected by this when only the cultivated parts are poured. This shedding process can take place in the amount and time varying from person to person. In these cases, a period of between one and six weeks will result in the loss of the majority of the planted hair. In the case of the emergence phase, the process of quitting is completed within a period of three months to one year, although it differs from person to person.

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