Mens Hair Transplant Cost

One of the most important factors for hair plantation is the budget that the hospital will allocate for his services. Everyone wants to choose the best price and best doctor for hair plantation. No one wants to pay much more than the market for hair surgery. As in every sector, there is definitely a price list for hair transplant. But if you give the exact figures here, perhaps the Dollar / Euro rate will be much higher when you read this article.

The average cost of hair transplant as mentioned above is between 5,000 and 8?000 TurkishLira . If you think about this in Euro, it will be more accurate to say between 1,000 Euro and 1,800 Euro. The prices of the devices used by the physician will increase, the cost of surgery in the hospital will increase, which hair transplant method will be used, and which country will go to and from which country. Not only this, for example Istanbul Nişantaşı or another luxurious place with hair extractions on the Istanbul Anatolian side of the hair transplantation fees between the price difference. But if you have to remember that cheap meat is not eaten. Also think about the risk of being in your health to get cheap hair. Do you want hair that does not come back, or do you want lush and vibrant hair in the area where your hair does not come out? We advise you to stay away from institutions that price below (both very low and very high). 3000 graft hair transplantation unit price per hair for a unit price of 1 Euro if you need to pay a total of 3,000 Euros, a hospital, a clinic or a doctor would you like to accept 500 euros? At least you would sit down and think, right? Why are they making so much cheap hair.

Hair Transplant Costs

Yes, now you have little to meet your new image that you waited for so long . You talked to your doctor, your hair was analyzed, you decided how to make a hair plant and it is the day of surgery. Now, the hair transplantation fees have come to our attention. Is this really the hardest part of the job? So is it the place that gives the best price for hair plantation or is it the best doctor? If this choice is directly proportional to your budget, you may not have many alternatives. For those with good economic conditions, the situation is both better and worse. It might be a problem to find the best hair transplant doctor for them if they use the term “rich”. If the economy is good for the patients, the credit card will not have to pay installments in advance. Factors affecting hair transplant cost include the quality of your doctor (experience), whether the hospital is luxurious or not, which hair treatment method you will use will affect hair growth. On the other hand, if you are in the same country and change your city, we recommend you to add air ticket and hotel expenses.


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