Prices In Turkey Are Generally The Most Attractive

The first thing that comes to mind about who will apply the hair transplant is how much they will pay. In order to give a precise figure in this respect, it is first necessary to have the most detailed tests. The methods to apply for hair transplant and the cost of supportive treatments will determine how much hair transplant costs they will pay in total. Nowadays, many planting centers make the cost of hair transplant methods that they apply in the direction of their own possibilities, but they make determinations according to the values ​​of the equipment and materials they will use for get the most successful result.

What Are The Factors That Influence The Price Of Hair Transplant?

After deciding to make a hair transplant, you should not stick too much to the price. However, it is important to ensure that the prices you have been given are not significantly below average values. While most hair transplant centers charge salaries in amounts, in fact, they only charge a session fee. After treatment, they can counter high numbers by adding bandages and other expenses.

For this reason, listening to the previous activities of the center and the comments of those who have received service in this regard, while agreeing on the price, is a clever way to avoid surprises afterwards. The figures applied by the centers that carry out quality sowing are figures including the last dressing and the prices of the hair plants are the figures of Turkey 2017.

What Are The Elements That Determine The Price Of Grafts?

As a result of the evaluations to be conducted in this regard, the main issues related to the determination of hair transplant prices are as follows:

  • The width of the area to plant
  • The frequency of the roots in the area to be planted
  • Planting method
  • The methods to be applied in the post-plant treatment process, such as prep, fue (manual punch, micromotor) methods
  • The amount of root to add and the state of the area where the roots will be taken
  • Tests carried out before and after the graft.

In addition to these, the procedures that patients want to do especially have an effect on the discovery of sowing costs. What is important is how the planting center intervenes when there is an incident after planting.

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