The True Techniques Of The Hair Implant

The movement of hair from one place to another is called the “hair transplant”. Different hair transplant techniques are used during tissue transplantation. The treatments that are performed by a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery with local anesthesia are FUE, FUT, BHT techniques. The movement of one or more roots one at a time is called FUE, while the movement as texture is called FUT. The areas where the treatments are applied are the eyebrows, the eyelashes, the beard, the arms and the shoulders.

Although hair loss does not negatively affect health, it has negative psychological effects. The desire of people to be loved and talked about in the social environment is shaped by their health and well-being when viewed from the outside. Perfect hair is important at this stage. Hair loss is often genetic, but the side effects of some medications are triggered by endogenous and stress-related factors.

What Techniques Are Used?

The amount of hair loss and spill is determined based on the examination performed. The health of the roots of the neck, the donor region, is examined. This region is the region where the roots are strongest. If there is a healthy root in the area between the neck and back of both ears, the Fue method is chosen, which is the most common and succeful method. There is no complication after the operation in all techniques. There is no pain, bleeding or suture according to the procedure. With the Fue technique, the roots of the set are transported one by one or two by three. The average duration is 6-7 hours and 4000-7000 hair roots are transferred with the treatment.

In the operation using the micromotor tool with punches less than 1 mm, the removed roots are kept in the water of the cell for a certain time. In this method, which has a very high success rate, there will be no trace. Another method is the Follicular Unit Transplant method, known as the “Fut” technique. In this method of treatment, the tissue part is transplanted instead of the root. The fabric extract is placed in the channel that is open in the area to be planted and the treatment with the aesthetic stitching is completed. The method of using roots obtained from the hair in other parts of the body is the BHT method.

How To Take Care Of It?

The lifeless and weak hair begins to fall, after a while. The reason is that; to have a balanced and correct nutrition, and stay away from stress. In addition, medications and herbal remedies to slow down the spill can be used. After the treatment, the part where the hair is planted must be protected against shocks. Between 1 to 2 days (swelling), and 7 to 10 days after the end of the procedure, the bleeding will disappear. 20 days later, the hair will start to grow again. Thanks to this operation, hair loss in the same region will no longer be observed.

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