What Are Hair Transplantation Techniques?

It can also be applied to people who have suffered hair loss due to accidents. Hair transplantation techniques that can be done without any age limit are divided into two techniques. These are FUT and FUE techniques. The choice of one of this two methods will depend on both the wishes of the patient and the direction of the physician.

Hair Transplantation With FUT Technique

The FUT technique, known as the classical hair transplantation method, is an older technique than the FUE method. In this method, the hair roots which are resistant to hair loss on the nape are processed in the form of a strip. Although this technique is not a very preferred method with the development of the FUE method, its application is still encountered.

Local anesthesia is performed before the FUT technique and the operation is completed without pain and suffering. The skin part of certain sizes taken from the neck area to be anesthetized is transported to the area where it is desired to plant after it is thoroughly cleaned. With this method, stitches are made for cutting on the nape and waited for about 1 month in the wrap. The cut trace in the nape region can survive even after stitching. FUT method is not preferred in recent years because of the long postoperative pain and recovery period.

Hair Transplantation Methods With FUE Technique

The FUE technique, a new method of hair transplantation, is becoming an increasingly popular technique. In this method, hair follicles are taken from the nape region just like FUT method. But, in this method, the hair is planted with the hair roots taken individually, not with the skin that has taken from the nape in the FUT method.

With the help of special-end micro-motors, hair roots which are resistant to the hair loss on the nape are taken one by one. The operation is much easier with the local anesthesia in the FUE method, which is performed without feeling any pain and suffering. Since there is no cut and suture on the nape region of the hair, there is no trace after the operation. This procedure is taking place of the FUT method day by day since patients have little pain after the operation and the healing time is faster than the FUT method.

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