When Can İ Notice Hair Transplant Results ?

Every man or woman who wants to have a hair transplant has a commun question, when does the hair come out or when i can i see the result ? They are not unjustified either, are they? As a result, they are constantly looking at the same thing with an excited expectation, apart from spending both time and money. When will the hair come out. In this article we will talk about how long you need to wait.

When we take a look at when the transplanted hair will come out, it will be a classic answer but it will be different from person to another. Those who want to get a brand-new image are curiously looking for the answer to this question. Suture wounds that occur in your hair for 2 weeks after the operation of hair transplant surgery will gradually start to bark. These new shells will start to cling to the newly added places and will start to adapt. It will start extending 1 or 2 cm in about 1 month. The transplanted hair in your head will be both formless and weaker than your other hair, which shouldn’t scare you. Even in your hair, an event called shock loss will occur later on ; possibly . This operation is then among the first development signals. This spill will be done after 1 month after the operation. To give you the good news here, the hair will be more lush and real after 2 months. After 4 months the hair will start to grow.

Hair transplant İnformation

Another phenomenon that varies from person to another is the possibility of curly hair growth . In this regard, you can ask the expert doctor again, but here it takes about 8 months to the curly hair to turn into normal hair. We have outlined possible problems with you in order to have a very large encyclopedic information as hair transplant information. Generally speaking, if you talk to your doctor about the problems you will face, you will not panic. Your hair will be proven exactly one year later and you will continue your working life and your social life one week after the surgery . The natural appearance of the transplanted hair lasts for 1 year, but after the operation your hair actually lasts 1 or 2 cm each month. The main point we want to make clear is that your hair will be indistinguishable from other hair within 1 year . Of course, the donor area from where the grafts were token will also have a direct effect on how long hair growth will last.


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